#052 Afternoon nap

I've never thought that an afternoon nap can be helpful.
Growing up, sleeping on broad daylight has been deemed as lazy. Maybe in my country and some parts of Asia.
For most part of my adulthood, more than half of it spent on excessive sleeping. This is no thanks to my addiction to gaming and the whole internet bubble (Y2K yo).
I also spent some of them as NEET, refers to a person who is (N)ot (E)mployed and not receiving an (E)ducation or vocational (T)raining. Famously introduced to me by Japanese anime.
So fast-forward to now, I'm starting to get why people take afternoon naps while working. Even big companies like Google, Facebook, etc, encourages their workers to take occasional short breaks.
It is being said to be normal to feel tired after long meetings and non-stop work, that's the best time to take a break and nap.
Most popular benefits are; increase alertness, boost creativity and productivity and reduce stress.
There are more but what I find interesting is it enhances our sex life. Interesting indeed.

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