#069 Founder-style parenting?

I rarely talk about my personal stuff but today marks the first time I gave my daughter a daily after-school review/report. She's currently 7 years old, going through 8 in November.
All this while, we let her do her school work as given by her teachers. And only view them as is.
Today, I gave her instructions to list down what she learned from her online classes, and also to share her work with us at the end of the school hours.
Both my wife and I are working from home, as she's constantly having calls, and I'll be preoccupied with my own tasks, which means minimal time to monitor our daughter.
And since she knows how to use Google Docs and Sheets very well now, I decided to create a Notion page for her.
I'm going to start with a simple table consists of "Date", "Subject", "Finished" checklist and few more that I will add later.
Wish me luck.

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