#086 Doing challenges

So I want to do a challenge, but knowing myself, I suck at it.
But there's a trend when I do challenges like, #100WordHabit or... uh, that's it.
I also did #tweet100 which is still ongoing and #30DaysInPublic with the PublicLab which is not the case. Why?
I easily finished #100WordHabit but not the latter two. I quit #30DaysInPublic after the first week.
And, I'm now on my 2nd #100WordHabit at the 86th day.
All 3 are about writing, so why is it different?
My guess is the way I look at them. Am I looking at them as a "challenge" or just something "new", like a to-do list?
Yup, the latter. Mindblown? Nah.
I realized how complex our #mentalhealth can be if not handled properly. So, that's the thread.
Thank you for reading.

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