#068 The Wall of Love

I think most of us are familiar with the concept of the "Hall of Fame" and many kinds of testimonials.
The "Wall of Love" is kind of similar, and it's not very new. It's a collection of praises, gratitude and thanks given by other people to us, which we compiled together into collages and put them into a page.
So why is it important to have one?
Firstly, it's good for our sanity. Reading them whenever we're down really helps. When the anxiety strikes due to imposter syndrome or whatnot, seeing people's gratitude to our kindness makes us realized that we're not that bad.
If you feel you didn't help much, don't worry. Next point is your task.
Secondly, now that you have the "wall", make it a mission to help more people. The best thing about this task is you can distract yourself from... yourself.
When I look at my wall, I always wonder if I help people differently, if I helped enough. It makes me want to go to that person and check on them. Which I did many times, and it's changed the whole bonding among us. I get to know their problem better. And they want to give back by helping me.
Just recently, as I talked about #067 Learn to unlearn, one of these "buddies" told me that when I helped her, I also put the "pressure" off her. Maybe I didn't realize it because it wasn't exactly about "mental health", but my gesture did help.
Added those to my wall. ;)
I know all this talk about showing kindness can create another self-doubt, being fake and whatnot. I can ensure you, I've been there. And a lot of my Twitter friends had the same moments from time to time. It won't go away. So we need to stick to our guns and do it.
To be empathic, you need to talk to people. Try to understand more by having that first conversation. It's a good start.

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