#074 Weekend for the family

It's the weekend, and after the big launch yesterday, we decided to take it easy.
Had a quick visit from soon-to-be brother-in-law and his sister's family here in Cyberjaya. Sort of an ice-breaking session and talked about their preparation for their wedding. Due to the pandemic, it's going to be a small ceremony.
In the morning, one of my cousins added me in the "Anak Aki Yamat" WhatsApp group, which means "children of granddad Yamat" but it doesn't make sense because we are the grandchildren, and our parents are the children. Oh, well.
One of my cousins is in ICU right now due to Covid-19. He's in category 4, which means very, very bad. He's now in comatose. Praying he can pull it through.🤲🏼
Finally, it's a good time to talk about my daughter's education. She's 7 going 8 years old this year. She's supposed to be in grade 3 this year, but due to her *condition, we decided to let her repeat her grade 2. She's improving, so it's time to move her further up a level. Currently, we're looking at an upgrade to the current homeschool-style private school). Preferably another private school as she can't cope with the environment and the teaching methods of the normal public schools.
*I will talk about it, when I feel comfortable.

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