#038 It was Ramadan (then Eid) and I'm now screwed

End of April to early May was the month of Ramadan in Islamic calendar. It is the Holy month for Muslims where everyone will be fasting for 13-18 hours a day in 30 days. In my case, it's 13 hours here in Malaysia.
I've been fasting for many years and this year was my worse. I'm not sure if it's the age thing but I couldn't think and my energy only lasts several hours before it shuts down. Every single day for 30 days.
It screwed up my work, I have to abandon my plans and just focus on ongoing and retainer jobs.
Then it was the end of fasting festival, Eid. Since my country are going through semi lockdown, we couldn't celebrate it with our families and just stay at home. It was all eat and binge-watching for us. And that as well making it worse.
Now, I have lost all my mojo. I couldn't write, start any kind of work and I can't even plan any more.
I need a quick fire exit plan. I need to be healthy. I need to run again.

*run = jog, exercise. not running away.

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