#071 Organizing my first hackathon

So we're organizing our very first hackathon, No Code Asia Challenge #001 x Pory.
We managed to get Pory onboard as our partner, delighting the team members as we're a big fan of Pory.
I didn't expect us to be an event partner. I had a call with Sam, the co-founder of Pory about doing some collaboration. The initial idea was a community, but specifically for Pory.
I co-found a community alright, but differently. It's a no-code community focussing more on builders in the Asia-Pacific region.
But I will still take the opportunity to bring Pory in, as our first hackathon partner plus 25% discounts for our members. A win-win for both.
Overall, it's a learning process for me. I have never had that kind of partner-sponsor relationship before. And I really need to create a better communication system. As of now, it's kind of bad. Maybe it's just me being perfectionist.
Also, it's my first time working with a team (since 2019) of volunteers consists of industry experts.
Glad that I managed to get into the correct drive-mode. I'm still traumatized by my last experience. But I've chosen the correct teammates.
I also talked about #072 Managing a community as compliment to this post.

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