#5Weeks Digest - Issue #7

#5Weeks Digest - Issue #7

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Hey friends, welcome to the 7th issue of #5Weeks Digest.

Also welcoming all new subscribers.👋🏼
Thanks for the early support. Really appreciate the kind gesture!💖
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From “5 Stories, 5 Weeks” to “#5Weeks Digest”

New name, who dis?
The name change is necessary because it is basically that.
No more stories to tell, and 5 weeks has passed eons ago.
So it’s just product’s updates now, and a bit of something else.
So that’s the announcement part, I think? Do you like the new banner?

#5Weeks products update

Stencil, Airtable
Pory, Airtable

Sales/landing page launched to public
Product building in progress
Writing and/or recording video guides
Product is complete and sent to buyers
If you noticed, I changed the word Finishing to Writing, because it makes more sense.
I’m working on finishing “Create Banner with Stencil and Airtable” right now.
The template is ready. But it’s taking awhile to document it as a guide.

New project — Airtable Wiz

Ah this is the announcement I wanted to talk about.
I’m going to try launching this new learning platform to learn Airtable and other related no-code tools. But why Airtable, you might ask?
I’ve been using it for almost everything, like:
  • Managing my community membership — No Code Asia, and other private communities that I’m involved in.
  • Sending email digests, announcements, tenant rental notices, payment invoices, etc.
  • Post Tweets and Facebook posts
  • Create banner images like the one in this email, using Stencil
  • And lots more…
I’ve already tweeted about it — sort of, but without the mention of its name “Airtable Wiz”.


Hmm… looks familiar, right? Some of you have paid for this one, and now I’m giving it for free?
Don’t fret: you’ll get a bigger value than this. Just stay tuned for the next update. 
Or you can reply to this email with a “LFG!”, I’ll put you on the VIP waitlist.😉

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I guess that's all for this week's issue.
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