#5Weeks Digest - Issue #11

#5Weeks Digest - Issue #11

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Hey friends, welcome to the 11th issue of #5Weeks Digest.

Also welcoming all new subscribers.👋🏼
Thanks for the early support. Really appreciate the kind gesture!💖
If you missed the previous issues, you can check them here.
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End of year chaos

I realized it’s not a good time to work on anything, unless you’ve planned it well earlier.
A lot of end-of-year school activities before the long school holidays.
Since I’m so “free”, it’s now my duty to take care of everything — concerts, special days, etc.
So when Friday/weekend came by, I’m already at the low end of energy. Hence, the “no emails” from me for the past weeks.

Some changes

As it’s already December, I feel it’s high time for me to do some year-end reflections.
Based on the reviews and after talking to my mentor and support group, I decided to make some changes.
I’m enjoying my time writing this newsletter, so I’m going to keep it.
But I will need to change the theme. Again? I know, but please bear with me as this was my first attempt.
The concept will stay, I like the “digest” theme. But I don’t want it to be specific like “#5Weeks Digest”. It doesn’t make sense to keep the name as I’ve completed the challenge months ago.
It’s going to be like “Leif’s Column” with updates on new projects, build tips, etc. The whole “Build in Public with No-Code” but not entirely just about no-code.
I know I’ve been all over the place this year, but I hope you can stay. Read further to see my plans for 2023. If it’s not within your interests, you can click on the unsubscribe link down below.
Don’t worry, I won’t hate you for leaving.😉

Next main focus, the Airtable Wiz

As I mentioned before, I’ll be focussing on Airtable-related projects.
I’m going to write posts on:
  1. Airtable-related apps like Pory, Stencil, Zapier and how I use them
  1. Use-cases — mine and others
  1. I am also creating a mini course on Airtable as we speak. It’s still in draft.
And a few more… but these are the plans for now until at least the end of Q1 2023.
If this is something that interests you, you can sign up 👉🏻 here and be the first (20).
And if you know anybody who will benefit from this, give them this link:

The Last #5Weeks Updates

Stencil, Airtable
Shipped / Part of Airtable Wiz
Part of Airtable Wiz
Pory, Airtable
Part of Airtable Wiz
For those who have purchased the “bundle”, I’m still working on the last two which will be part of the Airtable Wiz as well. Thanks for your patience and support.🥰
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That’s it! The last issue under #5Weeks Digest’s name. Please watch out for the next email.
It should be from “Leif at hello@airtablewiz.com”. In case it goes to the spam or different folder.
Anywho, if you have any ideas or suggestions, you can reply to this email.
Or, if you prefer to have a 1:1 call, head over here to chat.
Until the next one, have a good weekend!