#5Weeks Digest - Issue #10

#5Weeks Digest - Issue #10

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Hey friends, welcome to the 10th issue of #5Weeks Digest.

Also welcoming all new subscribers.👋🏼
Thanks for the early support. Really appreciate the kind gesture!💖
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I forgot to send last week's issue.

Last Friday wasn’t a good day. Had a family emergency, and I just couldn’t do any work.
But I drafted the issue, everything was ready… except, I didn’t schedule it to publish.
I realized this the next morning, and I just said, “Oh well, it’s not that good anyway.”
Having said that, it’s OK to cancel things if you’re not in the right mind to go ahead. Be it a product launch, a LIVE interview or webinar, etc. Don’t do it for the sake of doing.

So, I’ve left my job…

I summed that up nicely in a tweet thread. Check out the replies as well. Might have the answers to your questions.
I will blog about the whole experience. Right now, I just want to take a break, and plan for my next move.


The needed change of mindset.

Send Weekly Digest with Airtable Automations could’ve been part of the new Airtable Wiz ideas, but having that thought clashes with my plan to ship all of my #5Weeks products.
I was thinking, “Hey, this is not going to work. I need to go back.” And say, “This is the current project, and Airtable Wiz is the new project that hasn’t started yet.”

I’ve enrolled in Teach30.

I need to step back to refocus and let this course be the next “course of action” for Airtable Wiz.
It’s a 30-day course teaching you how to create and launch a course.
  • Week 1 — Get CLEAR on what you will teach
  • Week 2 — DESIGN a blueprint to teach your course
  • Week 3 — CREATE engaging content
  • Week 4 — LAUNCH your course
The next cohort has started on 1 November 2022, but you can still sign up within the month.
See you there? Sign up to Teach30.

#5Weeks Product Updates

Stencil, Airtable
Pory, Airtable

Sales/landing page launched to public
Product building in progress
Writing and/or recording video guides
Product is complete and sent to buyers
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That's all for this week's issue.
By the way, I'm playing around with Loops new feature. What do you think of the background colour? Do let me know what do you see? Pink or purple? It's actually purple.
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Until then, have a good weekend!