5 Stories, 5 Weeks - Issue #6

5 Stories, 5 Weeks - Issue #6

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Hey friends, welcome to the 6th issue of our my Weekly Digest.

Also welcoming all new subscribers.👋🏼 I’ve set up a welcome email (at last) for you.🥳
Thanks for the early support. Really appreciate the kind gesture!💖
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Before anything else, some changes for the next issue.

Now that I basically completed my 5-week challenge by launching 5 products, I decided to move to a different building phase.
Before that, a RECAP:
Week 1 → 10K Digital Napkin, a Notion template
Week 2 → Send Weekly Digest with Airtable, an Airtable template
Week 3 → Friendship Manager, a Notion template
Week 4 → Community Builder Kit, a platform for community builders
Week 5 → Create Banner with Stencil and Airtable, an Airtable template + Stencil how-to guide

And, here’s the current status.

Stencil, Airtable
Pory, Airtable
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If you noticed, I have removed the “Week” section and rearranged everything in my preferred order, from top to bottom.
It makes more sense to work on all Notion products first, then Airtable.
If you’re one of the buyers, you’ll get a separate email with the resource link for you to download.
For others, you can still get them here 👉🏻 Store

A side quest newsletter about side quests?

Farez recently launched a collaborative newsletter called Side Quest to share weekly snippets of side-hustling adventures by five individuals. Yours truly included.✌🏼
Here’s the TLDR from the latest issue, Episode 2:
Welcome, Lauriance, who just returned after a few months of travel. How Leif decided on Airtable for his next project. Cathy comes up with an interesting concept: a carousel of projects. Jo uses a chat tool to keep up with customer support in her busy schedule. Farez writes up his simple market research methodology for side hustles.
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The not-so-important news.

I have moved my store, to next door.😆
And I tweeted about it.
Do check it out: it’s built on feather.so 👉🏻 https://leiflatiff.com/store
I just moved it from ~/5weeks to ~/store.


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I guess that's all for this week's issue.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do me a favour and click on the "Reply" button.
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Until then, have a good weekend!