Mind management, the need

No, I haven't read the book yet. Indeed, it is inspired by the book by David Kadavy.
Throughout my career, whether it's corporate, startups and small enterprises — having the mind management is crucial for the long run. Not time management, not the hustle till you get it (or till you're dead) or the burn the midnight oil rituals (overtime bullshit).
Because you see, when you're focusing too much on time and energy (in this case the huff and puff sweats), you're neglecting the number one ingredient as an entrepreneur — sanity.
It's amusing when looking at that last word. Aren't time management is similar to managing our health, in this case the mental health? I agree it's part of it, but we're still side lining our mental health. It becomes secondary.
Here's the deal, I've been trying and experimenting the best schedule for me to work during the Ramadan month. But I still skip a lot. I rescheduled most of them to different times of the day. Even skipped entirely for the days after. And it happens again and again. I can barely finish any work.
Why is that?
I as most of the people out there, are having fear of time-wasting, subconsciously. Because remember? We're focusing too much on time management than the others.
So until we can figure out the differences; the burnout, the imposter syndrome, the low self-esteem etc will always be there.

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