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This was part of my #5Weeks; 5 Stories, 5 Products in 5 Weeks challenge.

I bet you never see me selling any kind of products or even myself.

I always tweet about something for the sake of having conversations.
I was hoping if more people liked or responded to them, I would be more confident in selling. But I have nothing to sell, right? So I gave up.
It's all a result of my excuses. I used my shiny-object syndrome to build creative stuff, but in reality, I just let myself burn out without any clear goals.

A little background:

I’ve always been a good employee. I am just happy with that.
When I lost my job, I thought it would be fun to try as a freelancer. So I did exactly that.
As we got older, we started to have self-doubts. Am I on the right path? Or if I did enough.
When that happened, I pushed myself to become more adventurous.
I started with an idea of running an agency. A full-stack development agency; building websites, mobile apps, chatbots, and a few more. It’s working out well. But I wanted more.

No Code Asia, paid memberships?

notion image
After several failed attempts, I started No Code Asia to create inspiration for new ideas with other like-minded members.
But managing a community is hard. And I started to blame myself for the lack of knowledge in that department.
I initially wanted to start a paid membership plan. But the idea scares me a lot that I had to put it on hold.

The Unstuck Challenge

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A certain event happened recently in my life and I decided to come to terms with it. I need to stop living in denial. Thanks to the Unstuck Challenge, I am able to adopt new beliefs.
I did the “Letting go of our past baggage” exercise and listed out the things that haunt me.
Here they are, in no specific order:
  • Insecurities; from salaryman to nosalary-man, starting from scratch
  • Imposter syndrome, self-doubt; I ditched my professional skills to a new one
  • Perfectionist or never been good enough
  • Blaming introversion for my inability to market & sell
  • Preoccupied with useless things as distractions
  • Excuses like, “I wasn’t born into an ‘entrepreneurial’ family”, or “my family are/were just employees”
Lots more, just to list a few.
Let that sink in for a bit, so I can sit in the corner, crying… Just kidding.
Later in the exercise, I’ve been asked to pick the ONE area of my life I’m going to focus on improving for the next 30 days.
That’s what I’m going to do next.
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5 Weeks Challenge

Inspired by Cathy Raffaele’s Launch10, and Ayush’s 25 in 25, I’m going to launch my own challenge to sell at least 5 products in 5 weeks.
Why 5 weeks? So I don’t have the time to sulk or overthink.
I’ll just do, do, do. Write, build and sell.
If you’re interested in becoming one of my early supporters, please head over to this page.

What’s my aim?

As my first official attempt, it might fail. But I’m hoping that it will open up my eyes and make me more confident in selling. Also, to continue to build-to-sell.
I will do more challenges like this, but with a longer timeframe. Maybe one product a month.
Or I can improve the micro products that I made and re-release them later. We’ll see.

Lastly, do check out my updates on Twitter, newsletter and this blog.
Cheers, and wish me luck.
Leif Latiff

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