Reasons why you don’t see me selling

I bet you never see me selling. Any kind of products or me even.
I always tweet about some stuff for the sake of good discussions, maybe.
I was actually hoping if more people ‘liked’ or responded to them, I’d be more confident in selling myself. But I have nothing to sell, right?
It’s all stemmed from my own insecurities. I used my shiny-object syndrome to build “cool” stuff but in the end, I just let myself burn out without any clear goals.
A short history,
I’ve always been a good employee. And I can just be satisfied with that.
When I lost my job, I’d think being a freelancer would be neat. So I did that.
But as we aged, we began to have self-doubts. So that happened.
I’ve become “adventurous”, sort of. I started with an idea of running an agency.
It worked, sort of. But am I satisfied, not really. I wanted more.
So I created No Code Asia, after several failed (to launch) products, hoping to get the next ideas.
But managing a community is hard. And I started to blame myself for the lack of ‘knowledge’.
Or so I thought.
A certain event happened recently in my life and I decided to come to terms with it. I need to stop living in denials.
These are the things that stop me from selling things (or making a deal with life), in no specific order.
  • Insecurities
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Perfectionist or never good enough
  • Constant self-doubting
  • Preoccupied with useless things as distractions
  • Excuses like, “I wasn’t born into a ‘creative’ family”
  • Or, “my family are just employees”
Just to list a few.
Let that sink in, for me to just kill myself. Just kidding.
That’s about to change. I will launch or sell a number of products.
Inspired by @Cathy (10by10) and @ayushchathere (25in25), I’m jumping on the bandwagon and write 5-6 stories in 5-6 weeks with 5-6 tools as accompaniments.
I will publish my first story on the 4th of July, 2022. So watch this space (and Twitter).
May the Fourth be with you.😉

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