Becoming internet buddy
Have you ever felt so low for not doing anything good enough to be taken seriously?
Well, that's what I felt in the whole month of March 2021.
Then I saw this, today.

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I'm glad and grateful that my decision to be more human has found its purpose.
I've always been that good internet friend ever since I could remember.
I met my wife online, that's one proof. And no, it wasn't on any dating app like Tinder. It's actually one of those location-based communities that I joined.
It's been awhile since I spent quality time online. Time has changed with all the social media apps. It got me confused.
I screwed up my whole system just when I decided to promote my freelance business online. I've become the rah-rah marketing machine. Sort of. Intentional exaggeration, but you get my point.
That's why I'm glad that I've made the right choice to focus on making friends than selling.

P/s This was part of my #100WordHabit, and I've never stop becoming that good friend. I stepped up to another level and started to have 1-1 calls with those whom I interacted regularly on Twitter. It was probably my best decision.🥰
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