June 2021 Retrospective
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This is going to be my first monthly reflection aka retrospective report. I'm making it short for this one and will add on more data along the way towards the end of the year.
Putra Lakeview, Cyberjaya - Shot taken with Pixel 2
Putra Lakeview, Cyberjaya - Shot taken with Pixel 2

Post Burnout😵

June was a month of post-burnout.
After a lot of soul-searching, daily writing and binge-watching, I have found my clarity.
I've also started to run again on a daily basis. 2-3 KM at a time. The last time I ran was more than a year ago. *Update: Have to stop now (as I posted this) due to the total lockdown announced last week.
And thanks to these, I've gained my confidence and excited to start working on new projects again.
At the same time, I'm more cautious of my mental wellness now — not to get too overworked which eventually leads to another burnout.


My main goal was to have that one business that makes money.
When I made that goal, I was still doing my freelance and agency work. So it seemed to sound like another side hustle.
But now that I “quit” my job, I have decided to make this my ultimate goal.
Can I achieve it, now that I only have six months left?
If I have nothing to compare, then yes, I can achieve it. The only blocker now is myself.
I've also gained some inspiration from Public Lab's members like Bhanu with his MDX.one project.
Two cool factors that I found inspiring:
  • Bhanu's humility as he listens to others, being genuine online.
  • MDX.one as a tool that complements Notion — my second brain, my source of innovation and productivity.

Start Again👷🏼‍♂️

With the simplest thing; to have a conversation with everyone.
Inspired by Saša Cocic, I will try to talk to at least 3 people on a weekly basis.
A few points that I hope to achieve:
  • Mental wellness. I need to talk to more humans. We're having a full lockdown now in Malaysia, so this is the best way for me to stay sane. At the same time, benefiting other people as well.
  • Sources of motivation. I want to be inspired and stay motivated to continue working on my goals. In fact, I've gained so much from these sessions that I decided to start No Code Asia and another idea — planned for validation.

Plans for July 2021🎯

  1. To keep on talking to people to share our experiences, advice, feedback and encouragement
      • To have 3 buddies for regular monthly calls
  1. To regularly have No Code Asia weekly meetup with Cathy Raffaele and the first 8 members
  1. To first ideate and validate my idea(s) — audience discovery
  1. To keep on writing and build a habit to schedule tweets/posts in batches
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