July 2021 Retrospective
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July was a fun and productive month! It's solely thanks to the 1-1 sessions that I diligently conducted. Hard work and genuineness does pay.
Hanoi 2019 - Shot taken with Pixel 2
Hanoi 2019 - Shot taken with Pixel 2

Personal branding

At the time of writing this, I've published a total of 15 18 posts, 2 of them from my previous newsletter. And two weeks worth of batch posts and tweets, which is 4-5 posts a week. Not bad.
So now I've come to another decision to make.
What to do next? Am I satisfied? Should it be better? Sure, I am satisfied with my effort, but at the same time — I think I can do better.
Even though I've said I have areas of focus, the idea of writing in public is still new. And, I was so carefree and a bit lazy. I just took some from my "Idea Bank" and beautify them.
As I experimented with various writing systems, I was always putting both blog posts and tweets together. Following too much of a system, you forgot you can just batch schedule tweets without the accompaniment of a post. No wonder I wasn't tweeting as much as I was intended.
Moving forward, I'm going to be writing with more intent. Even for my "Idea Bank", I'll try to focus more on [1] building in public with no-code and [2] mental health. And the occasional [3] writing habit.

Building in Public with No-Code

Now that I created No-Code Asia, that also means I went ahead with "building in public with no-code" as my main focus.
All this while, I wasn't sure if I want to go the no-code path because almost everyone is building with no-code nowadays. And another community? Some asked me if I really want to go down this road again. Managing a community is hard work.
Sure, but I'm not alone this time. I have found a team that I would want to work with.
Is this something that I want? Who knows. I might bomb this, but at least along the way, I'll find my "way".
I decided to work on what I know best; building and community.
As of Aug 8, 2021, we have 32 36 sign-ups, and managed to get 21 23 of them to Discord.
Surprisingly I'm loving Discord more than Slack now.🤩

Plans for August 2021🎯

  1. To keep on talking to people to share our experiences, advises, feedbacks and encouragements
      • To have 3 buddies for regular monthly calls
  1. To keep on writing and build a habit to schedule tweets/posts in batches
  1. Grow No-Code Asia (will write a separate post)
      • Weekly meetups
      • Monthly challenges
      • Product showcase
To share a few.
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