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Jerami Rocket is a Portalfolio (+ Hyper Business Model).
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1. The Idea

Portfolio is a very common practice in the creative industry. It is how we showcase our work to our future employers or potential clients. And it's probably the most tweaked websites.
But what is a Portalfolio? And why is it important?
You may head over to Ben Issenmann's article where he talks about the future of portalfolios.
I will talk more in depth about Portalfolio (and Hyper Business Model) and why I decide to build the hybrid model in the next series.
Primarily, the idea behind Jerami Rockets is to display every service and products on one page. And the audience can buy or be engaged while scrolling down.

2. Stack Used


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Dorik.com has just released their Multiple Pages feature few months ago and it's a good time to finally utilize it on this project.
Unlike other similar counterparts, Dorik offers more control in designing. It's like a mini version of Webflow. You can simply use their beautiful responsive templates and reconstruct them to your liking.


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For scheduling, I'm using X.ai because it's much simpler to use compared to Calendly.
Every action or decisions can be done via email without going to the page, thanks to their Scheduling AI.
Try them yourself here and let's have a coffee chat.
You can check on the many comparisons to their competitors.


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For now, I decided to use EmailOctopus as my main email collector for every call-to-actions.
I already have an account. Might as well just use it.


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Notion is the all-in-one workspace (notes, tasks, wikis, and databases) which is unexpectedly but creatively being used by users to build websites on the Notion pages. Check out some great examples here.
Dorik doesn't have CMS feature yet and no ability to embed posts or articles from Substack, Medium or any similar sites.
Hence, my decision to build the Ideas page on Notion.👍🏼

BuyMeACoffee.com — Added Mar 4, 2021

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I couldn't think a better donation-type platform, other than Buy Me A Coffee. You can set the price of one cup of coffee. $3 is the price of Starbucks Coffee at my area.😉
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Don't drink coffee? You can change to whatever you like.
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There are other services you can do with them.
  • Memberships
  • Zoom calls
  • Digital download
  • Live event tickets
  • Art commission
And even NFTs. To name a few.

3. User My Stories

I have aligned the page based on the arrangement of services that I want to pursue as below.
  • Building is something that I'm good at and passionate about. I quit my job as systems engineer to become a freelance tech consultant, helping clients to build their products.
  • Learn or education — I've facilitated and have been on the panel as mentor before in several local startup accelerator programs. And I'm currently involved in No-Code Malaysia, a community-based learning group for new founders and entrepreneurs.
  • Tools or products — I believe in having a system for everything. These tools will be used in my “Build” and “Learn” segment. And from time to time, I will share and review my everyday tools in “Ideas” as well. Best to subscribe to get the latest updates here.
  • Ideas or writings are my new passion. Just like this one. It's started as project documentation for clients. Then I did something similar but in report-style format for No-Code Malaysia. Received good feedbacks on Twitter, hence the newsletter is born.

4. The Website

notion image
Preview the website live: Jerami Rockets 🦓

The Layout

In continuation from My Stories above, the way I laid out the website is based on the products or services that's either the main product or the only one that is being offered.
This is for me to get to know my audience more and for my future business decisions.
As I go through the discovery calls, I will then determine the way to coach (Learn section) and provide the right templates (Tools section) to build better.

1. Build

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I chose 3 options — Brainstorm, Consultation and WeBuild. 3's are always a good number because it looks nicely balanced.
As mentioned, I'm going to start with only discovery calls (Brainstorm) which is a 30-minute 1-on-1 session to discuss and talk about the potential ideas to work with. It is free for now but if they find the session useful, they can donate a cuppa or two using Buy Me A Coffee platform.
I will then determine whether we can proceed to test WeBuild, where I will be coaching them to build by having pairing sessions.
Pairing sessions are quite common in programming (known as Remote Pair Programming). I first experienced it at Agile Ventures several years ago when I was actively codes.
I'm going to skip Consultation as it is similar to Brainstorm, and I might merge them together later on.

2. Learn

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I decided to have 3 learning courses with Super Startup MVP as the main one.
While the other two; Fast Prototyping and Lean Startup are basically the smaller cut versions of Super Startup MVP.
All are closed for now while getting the interest. Initially, the ETA for the first cohort will be by early Q3. We'll see.
I'm currently revising the program structure and will tweak as I go along with the discovery calls and feedbacks.

3. Tools

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I wanted to have a section/page to share my everyday tools and templates. Mostly Notion's and FOC.
Apart from that, there will be paid templates for those who can't commit to join my courses.

4. Ideas

notion image
Interestingly, my first thought when I wanted to build a blog page, I already had Notion in mind.
Did I tell you, how much I love Notion?
I'll talk about it in the next series on how I built Jerami Rockets Ideas on Notion.
It is an entirely a different project.

5. The Challenges & Takeaways

When I wanted to experiment in unbundling my full-stack development business, the portalfolio (and hyper business model) ideas came to mind.
So one major challenge was the business decision itself before I can really think of the layout. It took me more than a month to complete. A lot of tweaking and mental breakdowns in between.
In contrary to its name as a portal, I didn't really want to do it now until I can be sure that the unbundling is a success.
There are several tools that I'll be trying when it's time:
  • Manyrequests and Clientportals, customer portals (invoices, proposals, files etc). These are quite pricey though. So I might just create them from scratch on Notion.
Lastly, Jerami Rockets is not complete and will always be a work-in-progress.
No matter what the outcomes will be, I can simply change it to something else and learn from the experience.
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