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I've written “Follow your passion or just work” in 2017.
In it, I said, “I can’t work and follow my passion at the same time.”
This was my view as an employee. I was still working at my last corporate company, before pursuing my startup idea (and failed) and getting myself fired from my first startup (as an employee).
OK, that's like a big heartbreak story, but I'll leave that for another day.
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Fast-forward to now, as a freelancer and startup founder, my views have changed.
What I would say now is to “plan your passion (by following your curiosity)”. When it's time, take the leap.
Some of you, if not all, might say “What rubbish is this?” right?
But hear me out. We've been told so many times in many years to “follow (y)our passion”. But how do we get there?
It's not like there is a person you can follow. It's not a good advise because it's confusing. I wonder how they came up with that.
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Source from UnSplash
Zoe Chew tweeted” If you haven't found a purpose or passion, you can start by following your curiosity.”
That, in my opinion, is hands down the best advice. But she was answering the “follow your passion” conundrum.
Let's not confuse ourselves any more and say this: “follow your curiosity, make a plan for it. When it's time, take the leap.”
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