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As a reader or user, have you ever come across a course or a guide you badly want to buy, just to be put down by the lack of information about the person?

I came across somebody who was about to launch their book on Twitter.
It's a guide book on a niche topic that I thought can improve my business.
I was about to take the plunge, but before that, I wanted to check out their work.
I couldn't find anything on the internet that showcase any of their work as the claimed expert.
Their website is just another LinkedIn page. Their social media profiles are not helpful at all. They only linked back to their website.
Their tweets are mostly random and doesn't relate to any of their “work”.
Source from UnSplash
Source from UnSplash
I've become frustrated with what I saw.
It was supposed to be a quick fifteen minutes, that became hours.
In the end, my cart remained empty. I've changed my mind.
You're supposed to make it easier for everyone to do their due diligence before buying your product(s), by having the needed presence.
Shows how important it is to have your online presence planned.
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Source from UnSplash
Call it whatever you want, but let's call it “build your presence” for now.
A quick 3-step crash course. I'm no expert but in my opinion, it's a good start.
  • Start sharing your work in public → Post something that showcases some proof of your claims
  • Tweet or retweet something related to your area of expertise (add your own opinions to it)
Update: I wrote this as part of my #100WordHabit in Mar 12, 2021. I've talked to the person because my eagerness to buy their book didn't die. They are indeed true to their claims. Bought the book and helped them with their banner.
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